Great event venue outdoors

Perfect event location

With our snack bar and banging sound system Wakepark is an amazing location for events.  With our chill-out area and lots of sitting places, we can accommodate up to 150 people having fun at the same time. 
Check out our upcoming events or organize your own party or meeting at the park. 

Our upcoming events

Orgnize your event at the wakepark!

Thinking about organizing event or a party? Wake park Lagos is your place!
Concerts, birthdays, stags parties, company events – you can organize all at Wake Park Lagos.
Send us info about the party and we will organize food, drinks and make sure that everyone will have fun partying and wakeboarding!


We offer different types of catering options for private events like birthdays, stag parties, or company events.
Checkout options below and let us know which type of food you would like us to serve our guests.

option 1

option 2

option 3